3 Fun Ways To Stress Less

3 Fun Ways To Less Stress

I bet you sometimes feel like a zen master of busy-ness, or a black belt in stress.

I sure can relate to that at times.

The days easily zoom by without our to do list getting any smaller, and the demands of the world can be daunting even to the strongest of us.

Which is why we give you this list of 3 fun ways to stress less.

1. Smile More

A Duchenne smile (a genuine smile which engages the muscles around the mouth and eyes) causes your body to produce endorphins, which in turn makes us feel happier and less stressed.

2. Meditate Every Day

Meditating for as little as 25 minutes can cause near instant stress relief, according to research. Not only that, it helps us focus better and relax more easily, which indirectly helps us battle stress.

3. Chocolate Is Love

Did you know that chocolate makes people happier than kissing? That’s exactly what this study found, according to BBC. Chocolate (the darker the better) contains phenylethylamine which can raise levels of endorphins. And a lot of chocolate also contains caffeine, which further adds to the buzz and happy feeling.

So, there you go! Three easily accessible ways to stress less, starting today.

Do you have some additional ways to reduce stress? Please share in a comment below.

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