3 Quick Meditation Pillow Facts

3 Quick Meditation Pillow Facts

My first encounter with a meditation pillow was in a spiritual shop in Paris where the clerk told me that “this one is very good for levitation”.

I tried to keep a serious face, but my friend giggled in disbelief.

About a decade later I still haven’t been able to levitate on my pillow.

Whether it was a misunderstanding due to language differences, or she was being serious in her own way – it does not matter.

My pillow, and it’s story, has definitely been worth the investment – and then some!

So to celebrate this memory, and to give you some help when selecting your own meditation pillow, here are 3 quick meditation pillow facts:

1. You Do Not Need A Meditation Pillow To Meditate

Strange, right? All this talk about meditation pillow and I don’t really need it? Here at Daily Meditate we encourage people to start meditating while sitting on a chair, for two main reasons: 1) There is always a chair (or something similar) close by for you to sit on, and 2) It is easy to sit on a chair, which is not always the case for most other meditation positions.

While you don’t really need a meditation pillow to get started meditating, it is definitely a great tool to have when you want to try some other positions. A meditation pillow can help you be more kind to your body by reducing tension and adjusting your position, it can make your experience more comfortable, and it provides for a familiar base or “meditation zone”.

2. You Can Easily Make Your Own Meditation Pillow

With the internet being full of all sorts of helpful tutorials and cheap websites, it is easier than ever to make your own meditation pillow.

We found a great tutorial for you here, which uses buckwheat hulls as filling:
Make your own zafu/meditation pillow

3. Different Meditation Pillows For Different Needs

When trying to choose a meditation pillow you might come across a big variation of products to choose from. There is everything from the old classic style pillow and meditation bench to the modern “cosmic cushion” with built-in slope that provides better alignment.

To make you better equipped at choosing whats best for you, have a look at this guide:
How To Choose A Meditation Cushion

Did you like these facts? Please share your own facts and thoughts in a comment below.

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