5 Meditation Videos, In 5 Different Flavors

While most of us start to meditate for the numerous benefits it can bring, there often comes a time when we think – “I want more!” or “What’s next?”.

Before I say anything else, please note that I have included a disclaimer to the “What’s next?” question. You can read it in my intro to the Osho video below.

So, like I mentioned… When you feel like you want more, a good place to start is to explore more of the world of meditation, and see if there are some traditions or meditation teachers you resonate with and would like to study further.

To help you with this I have compiled 5 videos which all speak about either a meditation technique/techniques, or talks about an aspect of meditation.

I hope you like watching these, and that this may lead to new discoveries for you on your meditation path.

Zazen, the Zen Way

This is a quite detailed introduction to meditation posture and technique, from a Zen and Zazen standpoint. You might have heard of the Zen, which is a Buddhist tradition which features their own form of meditation: Zazen.

I like how detailed and instructive this video is. But don’t focus too much on all the details if you feel like it’s a bit too much to digest. The breathing technique mentioned towards the end is a great place to start.

Tibetan Buddhist Meditation

Almost everyone knows about Tibetan Buddhism. And even if they haven’t heard about it, they most probably have heard of Dalai Lama.

This guided meditation has a focus on mindfulness and bodily awareness, and is a great resource if you’re curious about Tibetan Buddhism.

Transcendental Meditation And Mantras

There aren’t many video or resources out there which tells you exactly what transcendental meditation is. But it’s quite simply, in it’s most basic form, mantra meditation.

This great video – by motivational speaker, author and entrepreneur Brendon Burchard – tells you all about how he uses meditation in his daily life, and includes a guided mantra meditation.

Osho On Awareness

Osho was a controversial Indian spiritual teacher. Much can be said about this man, but he had a lot of great things to say about meditation.

Here comes the disclaimer I mentioned at the very beginning of this article:

Disclaimer: The pitfalls or asking the question “what’s next” are many, as it can lead to an endless search for “something better” – while the answer often is that there does not exist a “next step”, “something better” or “holy grail” which will magically transform meditation into a miracle cure for all aspects of your life and solve all your problems.

Osho sheds some more light on my disclaimer in this video.

Here is what he says in the beginning of the video, which pretty much sums up what meditation is… and isn’t?

“When you are not doing anything at all — bodily, mentally, on no level — when all activity has ceased and you simply are, just being, that’s what meditation is. You cannot do it, you cannot practice it; you have only to understand it.”
– Osho

Adyashanti On Uniting With What Is

Adyashanti has a background in Zen Buddhism, but don’t like being labeled as a Zen Buddhist:

“The Truth I point to is not confined within any religious point of view, belief system, or doctrine, but is open to all and found within all.”
– Adyashanti

His teachings can be seen as quite spiritual, but what he talks about (in my opinion) is personal transformation from meditation and self inquiry. This might be spiritual to some, but spirituality does not have to be religious for it to work.

Sit Down And Enjoy

I hope you liked the videos.

Do you have some other videos or resources you’d like me to include?


Please share, and feel free to comment below if you have any thoughts or questions.

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