5 Reasons Why Women Should Meditate

Here at Daily Meditate we agree, that meditation is good for everyone, from kids to elderly people, for men or women. It’s a strong and powerful tool that can improve everyone’s life.

So why point out mediation for women in particular?

Well, we have all stumbled over sentences like: ” Men are from Mars, women from Venus ” or ” I don’t know what`s going on with my wife; she is acting all weird. Maybe she has pms.”

Those are good indicators that women have different body rhythms than men. The female body is constantly under change, not only from childhood to adolescence, then to motherhood and later into menopause.

Where some women seem to go through those stages of life without any significant troubles, others struggle with both emotional and physical challenges, which sometimes can be hard to understand for the people around us.


The premenstrual syndrome is something most women are familiar with, even if it`s not always on a conscious level. It all depends on the strength of our symptoms and how connected we are with our bodies. For some it might just be a slight mood shift. You might feel a little cranky, tired and easily irritated, which might not always stay uncommented by family members or friends.

It’s not uncommon to feel depressed and low in energy as well. Others suffer also from physical discomforts like pain in the lower back area, hips or belly. Tender breasts, fatigue or migraine can also be indicators that your menstruation is about to start.

In this phase of your cycle it’s good to avoid agitating situations that can trigger aggressive emotions. This is the time to retract to your inside. Your body is preparing to get rid of unneeded baggage and so should your mind.

A great way to help your mind prepare for PMS, is to:

  1. Adopt the child’s pose
  2. Tidy up your mind and get rid of unwanted feelings and habits. Picture a waste bin for all things negative that have been bugging you for the last two weeks: a nagging co-worker, the little argument with your partner or this telephone call you have been dreading. Now put them one by one into your imaginary waste bin. Try to feel the freedom you have created in your mind. Breathe through that space and deep into your lungs. From top to toe, your body feels light and ready to take on new challenges.

For other beneficial yoga positions to fight PMS, read more at Yoga Relief Tips in their article “3 Best Yoga Poses for PMS Relief”.

Menstrual Pains

A lot of women feel it right away when getting out of bed. It`s that time of the month. Headache, stomach cramps and pain in the lower back are the most common inconveniences we have to endure.

But despite taking a painkiller to get you through the day, maybe you should try an alternative option instead. Research has shown that meditation can help reduce aches and pains considerably, not only their intensity, but also our conception of them.

Here is a short instruction to give you a quick relief:

  1. Lie down on your back, palms facing upwards. Make sure your feet are warm, so put on some socks or cover them with a blanket. This is essential, since cold feet can rob you of your energy.
  2. Scan your entire body; how does it feel today? Try to locate as best as you can, where you might experience any discomfort. Breathe deeply and steadily into the troubled area to bring oxygen to your cells. Widen your lungs more and more with every breath and imagine the tissue getting warm, soft and relaxed.
  3. Focus on your meditation for about ten minutes and exit by getting up slowly.

Extra Tip: Place a warm water bottle on your lower tummy. This will do wonders for your cramps.


This next topic is quite a sensitive one. Infertility can become a life absorbing issue in a relationship and can even harm it permanently over time.

Whatever the circumstances, meditation can be a great tool to fight anxiety and depression, but it can also set your mind at ease and make it more accepting to difficult situations. You might recognise your mind going on in circles over the same issue, without managing to locate a path that moves you forward.

Sometimes all it takes is to really manage to let go, to be able to receive something.

Even if meditation is mostly done in solitude, in this case meditating with your partner can strengthen your relationship and make the two of you reconnect on a deeply emotional level.

Stay tuned for my upcoming article: “How meditation can improve your relationship.”

Nevertheless, if you and your partner are experiencing fertility problems, you should always confide in your doctor to rule out any underlying conditions.

But there might be other ways to improve your situation. Dinah Rodrigues has written a fantastic book about how certain yoga, breathing and meditation techniques, practiced regularly, can improve hormonal imbalances regarding infertility and symptoms connected to menopause.

Which brings me to the next reason, why women should practice meditation.


Menopause is inevitable. It lies in our future (or present/past, depending on where we are in life) and often causes a massive turmoil for our life, both physically, mentally and emotionally. It’s a time of revolution in a women’s body, and we are all aware of the fact that change is often hard to take on.

But instead of dwelling on the past and giving in to negative thoughts about things lost, try to embrace this new phase in your life, where you free yourself from the struggles of your fertile age and evolve into an empowered version of yourself.

Menopause often goes hand in hand with insomnia, depression and anxiety. A lot of women mourn their reproductive phase of life and the certainty of not being able to bear a child anymore. Paired with the intense hormonal change, this can initiate a negative self-image.

It often is the first encounter with the fact that we are all getting older and will eventually die, which can be very scary. It’s important to learn to accept your new stage of life, appreciate all you have been given and to acknowledge and embrace all opportunities to live happily from here on forward.

We recommend taking some time during the day, maybe right before falling asleep, to think about all the things you are thankful for in your life. Some might even call it prayer.

It can also be helpful to stand in front of a mirror, to really look at yourself and recognize all the things you like about yourself. The point is to actually say it out loud regularly. This can have a very positive affect on your self-esteem.

As mentioned many times before, meditation in general is more and more used to conquer sleeplessness, anxiety and depression. So take some time for yourself. Make time to meditate.

Whether it’s a breathing meditation, a guided meditation or listening to meditation music. Providing yourself with room to be with your inner goddess, finding tranquillity and peace of mind is not an act of selfishness. It gives you energy to love yourself and others, and to give back.

As yoga and meditation are linked to each other, it’s worth mentioning that there are very effective yoga techniques out there – which can help bring relief to all the physical challenges menopause might cause, like hot flashes, intensive sweating, decrease in libido and headaches.

The female perfection issue

Last but not least, this is a topic close to my heart. Men might not feel the same way about perfection as we do. It’s a female gift. And a curse at the same time.

So many of us constantly feel the need to do everything perfect. Being the perfect daughter, wife, mother, friend, employee, co-worker. You name it. We are supposed to love, give, be friendly, do arts and crafts, knit, get an additional education, do sports and eat a healthy diet. All the time.

Give yourself a break. Literally. This should be your number one priority.

And I know what I’m talking about. I suffer from the same condition as the rest of us. It is the hardest thing to do. Making time for yourself without having bad conscience.

The way we learn to meditate is like learning to ride a bike. It seems impossible at first. It is extremely difficult to still your mind and make your breath flow steadily but once you get the hang of it, you can’t imagine not doing it anymore.

So whatever phase in your month or in your life you are currently at, find time to acknowledge your mind and your body for what they are and improve yourself through meditation.

Do you have any other reasons to do, or some thoughts about this article? Please leave a comment below!

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