5 Ways To Make This Your Best Week Ever

5 Ways To Make This Your Best Week Ever

The best ever is never far off. In fact, it’s much closer than you think.

While on a hike in Griffith Park this past weekend, I had a long conversation with a friend.

As she spoke, I heard a lot waiting. I heard that she’ll be happy when this or that happens.

If only her living situation was different… If only she could finish writing the show she’s been working on…

And I started to think about I used to do something similar, always putting off happiness for a future date.

But I started to see that this “future date of happiness” never came. It was always a day or a week or an event away. Never here, now.

So with the help of my coach, I made a new commitment. I committed to seeing this as the best day ever. This is the best week ever.

“But how can you say that?” you might ask. Rather than have me explain it, I invite you to make the shift yourself.

Here’s 5 ways to begin:

  1. Be still for 5-10 minutes today. We have a tough time feeling content when we’re so busy rushing anxiously around.
  2. Affirm this truth. One of my powerful daily affirmations is, “This is my best week ever!” and each day I see evidence of why it is. With affirmations we train the subconscious mind to be open to the possibility, and then the conscious mind sees it out in the world.
  3. Keep a gratitude journal. You don’t even need a “journal” to begin. Just bust out a sheet of paper and write down all the ways your are blessed. Note the times where things went your way. Where you were provided for just at the right time. What else makes you light up? Write it down!
  4. Practice laughter. Joy is your beacon towards living the life of your dreams. As you resonate more frequently with this feeling, you are more able to move towards lasting happiness because you know what it is. Flex your happiness muscle! We all have it.
  5. Do something fun to celebrate YOU! Make a point to take yourself out at least once a week. Watch a movie. Take a bath. Go for a leisurely drive. Breathe the fresh air and smile knowingly as you recognize all the great work you’re doing.

Your entire life has led you to this moment. You were never more knowledgeable, compassionate, gentle or powerful than you are now.

As you feel the truth that this is your best week ever, not because you achieved something or attained something, but because it simply is, you will see more and more reasons why.

This is a shift towards abundance – a leap towards prosperity – a step towards realizing your inherent greatness, simply being yourself.

Welcome to your best week ever.

Stress Release Tip

Talk to someone today about what’s on your mind. What are you passionate about? What drives you? Instead of the same old gripes about work, inspired ideas (and we all have them) have a way of lifting us up. Once you’ve shared, be completely open and available to the other person.

Mindful Moment

“I hate the phrase ‘having it all’ — no one has it all, and trying to is the surest way to make yourself feel like a failure. I try to think of it as ‘having what matters.’ What matters to me right now are my family and my work. Keeping focused on the two things I care about helps me not beat myself up for the 17 things I’m not doing at any given moment.”
– Cindi Leive, editor-in-chief of Glamour magazine

Quote From Adam

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”
– Oprah Winfrey

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