7 Effective Short Meditation Techniques For Busy Days

In everyday life, it’s often hard to make space for ourselves. We run from one task to the next and the busier we are, the higher our stress levels get! Wouldn’t it feel great to be able to relax our minds completely in a short and effective way?

This might be easier than you think…

Here are seven quick meditation techniques anyone can incorporate into a busy day:

1. The Early Bird

Most people deeply dislike the sound of their alarm clocks in the morning. Time to start another busy day. But instead of rushing into your morning routine, try to focus inwards first.

Set your alarm 5 minutes earlier. We know it seems hard to sacrifice precious sleeping time, but trust us, it will pay off! Lie on your back, palms facing upwards, close your eyes one more time and focus on your breath. How does your body feel this morning? Walk yourself from your toes upwards to your torso; then hands, arms, chest and all the way up to your head.

Take your time on areas where you feel any kind of aches or discomfort, and breath deeply into those problem zones. To finish off, simply open your eyes and take one deep, clearing breath. This simple routine will set a positive and relaxed tone for your day, and it literally takes just five minutes to complete.

2. Your Favorite Place

Got a few minutes left from your lunch break? Even if it’s tempting to chat with a colleague, try to refill your energy levels before the second half of your working day starts.

Sit down on your chair with a straight back and put your hands on your knees. Close your eyes and travel quickly to your favorite place in the world. This can be everything from your grandparent’s apple tree to that deserted beach in Thailand you visited last year.

Really put yourself in this place: How does the wind feel in your face? What can you smell, see, taste? Try to stay there for a few minutes and soak up the happiness this place gives you!

You will return refreshed and full of energy from your miniature holiday.

3. The Wave

If you feel like you need a little break to charge your batteries, the wave technique might be the thing for you!

Sit or lie down, put your left hand on your stomach and your right hand on your chest. This will help you concentrate on your breathing!

Close your eyes and imagine your steady breath as waves coming in and out to shore. Start in your tummy area, rolling all the way up to your heart and back down again! Really try to fill up your lungs, widen your ribcage and your stomach area. Maybe you can even hear the soothing sound of the waves.

With focusing on both your breath and an image, you will quickly get into a meditative state. A few minutes are sufficient to boost your energy.

4. The Sound Filter

Stuck in traffic on the bus, train or underground? Why not try to use those lost minutes in a productive way and squeeze in your daily meditation practice!

Close your eyes (don’t worry, people will think you are napping) and try to listen carefully to all the things happening around you: people talking, engine sounds, construction work, etc..

Now concentrate on one particular sound and try to shut out all the others. This will really sharpen your focus and empty your brain of other thoughts for a while, without you getting worked up over loosing time commuting.

5. The Key Drop

This short exercise is fairly well known and will freshen you up in no time! It’s perfect when you need a quick rest, especially after coming home from work.

Lie down on your sofa (not in your bed, you don’t want to take a nap), holding your keys in one hand.Its important that your hand is hanging over the edge of the sofa, palm facing down.

Now turn your focus inwards and try to deepen and prolong your breathing, following its natural course. You will notice that other thoughts will pop into your head but don’t let this irritate you. Acknowledge them for what they are and let them pass.

After a while your brain will alter its wave length into a more relaxed state and you will soon fall asleep. To get the most out of your recovery time its crucial to wake up in exactly that moment, and this is where the key comes in. The second you fall asleep, you drop the key and “wake up”!

You will feel rested and charged with new energy.

6. The Third Eye

This meditation doesn’t require anything besides your concentration. You can stand, sit or lie down -whatever feels most practical then and there.

Close your eyes and try to “look” through your third eye, which is the spot in between your eyes on the root of your nose. It takes a bit of practice to manage to see into the distance like you would normally with your eyes open, but once you get the hang of it, this technique really relaxes your eyes and forehead and widens your mind.

Especially recommended for people who work in front of a computer screen for hours at the time. If a few minutes is all you can spare today, this might be just the thing for you.

7. The Countdown

This is a quite simple technique to quickly get into a meditative state.

Get comfortable on a declined chair or sofa, and close your eyes. Allocate the numbers five to one to five areas of your body, moving downward from your head, to your chest, stomach, thighs and then all the way down to your lower legs and feet.

Once you have control over which body part has which number, slowly start to count down from five to one, focusing on consciously relaxing one area at the time! By the time you have reached your feet, you will feel totally relaxed and aware of your body.

Linger in this state of mind for a few minutes before slowly counting upwards again and opening your eyes.

All of these short meditation techniques are easily viable even on the busiest of days, since you don’t need any equipment or preparation time. Yet the benefits will be noticeable right away. It doesn’t always take an hour meditating in lotus position to create peace in your head, but like with everything in life: practice makes perfect.

The more you meditate, the easier and quicker it will become for you to attain a relaxed and strong mind.

Get started today, with the Free Meditation Challenge CD…

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