Aligned, Relaxed & Resilient

From Will Johnson’s wonderful book, “The Posture of Meditation,” we find these three fundamental tenants of meditation. And when we allow ourselves to be aligned, relaxed and resilient in our daily lives, we automatically bring more presence to each moment.

When our posture is aligned, the body is supported by the Earth’s gravity, and we are able to relax more fully. Try slouching for a bit in your chair — notice how the muscles in your back become tense and painful? In an aligned and upright posture, we are open, alert, and ready.

Relaxation is the natural result of alignment. We can even look at areas of our life that we are “in alignment” with. Whether it’s a relationship, our work, or even a conversation, if we are aligned with what is going on in this situation, we feel relaxed and open to any exchanges.

Along with alignment and relaxation, we must also demonstrate resilience. To be resilient is to move with the body’s natural undulations, feeling the breath, feeling the life of feeling the slight movements as the body balances. We are not rigid in holding this aligned posture, we don’t force relaxation.

Through the gestures of alignment, relaxation and resilience, during our meditation time and our daily life, we can let go of the patterns of holding and tension that keep the posture of meditation hidden.

Then we can be, without hesitation.

Quick Meditation Tip

Relax into a comfortable posture, allowing your body to sit in whatever way feels best.  There is no right way, only your way.

Quote From Adam

“Alignment, relaxation and resilience are for everybody. Unlike individual sports, which tend to favor certain body shapes and sizes over others, the posture of meditation is available to everyone… There is no ultimately perfect posture that you need to strive to embody. There is only the posture that is appropriate for your particular body, and your body is unlike anybody else’s.”
– Will Johnson, from “The Posture of Meditation”

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