Allow Yourself Some Relaxation

An important part of meditation is to start off with a relaxation technique. You can relax just by sitting in nature, take a soothing bath, or listen to relaxing music. My preferred way though, is the golden globe.

Let me share with you this wonderful little relaxation technique.

The Golden Globe

This is a visualization technique that you can use at the beginning of a meditation.

Beginning a meditation with a relaxed and calm body makes it much easier to meditate.

Here are the instructions:

  1. Sit yourself in a comfortable position
  2. Visualize a golden globe of light covering the base of your feet. Feel how the golden globe radiates a warm feeling of total relaxation and peace
  3. Let the globe move slowly up your legs, torso, out through your arms, and back up to the top of your head. As the globe moves along your body, visualize a golden glow along the parts it has passed. Let the globe heal your body as it moves, leaving a feeling of total relaxation and peace throughout your body
  4. Some parts of your body are more tense than others, and if you feel an area that needs more attention then let the globe stay there a little longer to do it’s job

That’s it! Some wonderful relaxation is waiting to be had.

Please leave a comment below and tell us about your own relaxation techniques, or how you liked this one…

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