An Invitation To Slow Down

In order to make room in our busy lives for a daily practice of sitting quietly, we must commit to slowing down. This can be hard to do at first.

Throughout our lives we’ve been rewarded for doing things more efficiently, faster is better, right?

And thinking about slowing down some can even bring up fears:  “who’s gonna take care of this stuff if I don’t?”

But an interesting thing happens when we choose to practice daily: Our lives make room for it.

And instead of running around like a chicken with its head cut off, there is a quality about our actions

The quality of specific intention. A mindful quality.

We see exactly what is needed. We spend less time in confusion.

So by slowing down, we actually are able to get more done. And done better. Fantastic.

Don’t be afraid – the chores will wait.

Quick Meditation Tip

Notice the pace of your thoughts when first sit down — speeding!! As we take hold of the breath and let ourselves relax, everything slows down. Just notice.

Quote From Adam

“One of the remarkable things about meditation is the discovery that in order to maintain our normal way of being human in this world, we have to work at it. We have to work at being mediocre.

It takes a tremendous amount of effort and striving to try to be somebody we’re not. And that’s why so many people are stressed out and exhausted: from the energy that we have to expend in order to not be ourselves.”
– Reggie Ray

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