Balance And Freedom ?! Yes Way!

Wouldn’t you agree that feeling good is more than just a state of mind?

This past week of running around, traveling, preparing for a speaking engagement, and working with clients, showed me how important balance is to staying positive.

I saw how, when I didn’t get enough rest, the feelings of fatigue colored my outlook.

There were shades of gray instead of vibrant bolds.

When I energized myself by sucking down another coffee instead of a healthy snack, I saw how the comedown left me playing catch up, both physically and mentally.

There is a dynamic interplay always happening between how our bodies feel and the way we see the world.

We tend to think that we can dose up with more caffeine, sugar, drugs, while not getting enough exercise or rest or play time.

But then we wonder why we feel like the days are just disappearing.

We weren’t actually there! We’re constantly running around, out of juice and out of time.

But what if we made it a conscious effort to nourish our bodies with sleep, exercise, good food, and play time? Impossible, you say?

I thought so too, until I made the effort.

In time, my life made room for this balanced way of living.

Balance is simple (but not always easy).

You know what a balanced life looks like to you, and you don’t have to take heroic measures to get there.

Take one step today to simplify your life, balance is waiting.

Stress Release Tip

Getting 7 or more hours of sleep can dramatically reduce the amount of stress you feel during the day. You drink less coffee. Coffee stimulates the body’s stress response. You need less junk food to keep going. Junk food steals nutrients the body needs to fight stress, leaving you feeling even more rundown. Plus, recent research shows that those who regularly slept just 4 hours were 73% more likely to become obese. Those who slept 6 hours were 23% more likely. Slumber for less stress!

Mindful Homework

Keep a journal of your daily moods to see how your lifestyle is affecting them. Did you not get enough sleep that day you blew a gasket at work? Did you feel great all day after getting your daily meditation session in? Were you a ball of sunshine after your yoga session? Track what you did and how it made you feel so you can know that your time is well spent. We are much more likely to stick with the things that we know are adding value to our lives.

Quote From Adam

“There’s no secret to balance. You just have to feel the waves.”
– Frank Herbert

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