Calm Peaceful Meditation Music

Calm Peaceful Meditation Music

I recently wanted some calm music to play in the background while relaxing with a cup of tea. And this video is what I found!

It has an eastern feel, features piano and string instruments, and has what I assume to be synth sounds throughout the whole video.

I love how it does not try to be anything else than simple calming music. One of the best videos of it’s kind I’ve found on youtube so far!

The music used in the video is by Shakuhachi Sakano, and from the album Lotus Blossom: 7 Chakras Healing, Chakra Balancing and Opening.

If you want to be able to listen to it as you go, you can get it at iTunes.

It’s 1 hour long, so you can just put it on and leave it playing if you want some calming background music.

Also good to prepare for mediation, relax before sleeping, to meditate to, and set a great atmosphere in the home.

What do you you think – did you love it too? Comment and tell us below…

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