Calmness Or Stress = Your Choice

Calmness Or Stress = Your Choice

Calmness Or Stress = Your Choice

After 3 hours work, the dessert you were making ended up a disaster. What do you do?

Faced with this situation, Estalyn Walcoff did the right thing. She didn’t give in to the stress of the situation, and freak out.

Instead she threw the failure in the trash, drove to the store, and bought all the ingredients needed to start fresh.

Estalyn Walcoff is a psychotherapist in private practice in Brighton, as well as a contributing writer for the Democrat And Chronicle. She wrote all about her dessert failure experience in an article, and you can read the full story here.

But the article is not just interesting because of the dessert failure story, and how she handled it. She also explains why she tackled the situation with calmness instead of stress.

What I didn’t do was get mad, get anxious, fret, get worried, rail against the difficulty of the recipe, my lack of precision, the cost, etc. I just accepted the facts of the moment — I had messed up and still didn’t have a dessert — and cheerfully did what needed to be done.

I strongly suspect that the reason I was able to remain cheerful is because the right portion of my amygdala, a structure at the base of the brain that processes emotion, has been changed as a result of roughly six years of meditation.

Furthermore, she explains in more detail some of the brain related benefits of meditation, gives us an incredible precise definition of what meditation is, as well as a concise “all-you-need-to-know” tutorial on how to meditate.

If you haven’t already clicked the link above and started reading her article, I strongly suggest you do.

It’s seldom that I come across an article that advertises meditation as good as this. Anecdotal (everyone loves a good story), scientific (gotta have science for proof), educational, and motivational.

Head on over to Estelyn’s article now, and enjoy her writing!

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