Why Can’t The Good Times Last?

Why Can't The Good Times Last?

Ever struggled through a real rough patch and someone offered you the phrase, “This Too Shall Pass”?

I like the wisdom of the phrase. It helps us put things into perspective and not overreact or be overwhelmed by the challenge of the moment.

While I certainly have first-hand experience with challenges that I hope will soon pass, it occurred to me that I have had a problem leaning on this wisdom during GOOD times.

That’s right. Did you ever notice that good things pass, too?

That really annoys me. I don’t like it when good things in my life don’t last forever. I hate it when the ice cream cone is finished or when the beautiful orange, red and pink sunset turns to darkness.

I find it difficult to embrace the moment and accept that whatever the moment is, it WILL change. At times I felt like a lab rat scurrying around the labyrinth avoiding pain and seeking pleasure.

Hoping I get a taste of cheese before… well, you know how that ends.

My meditation practice has really helped add perspective and to see life and its ups and downs in a new, healthier way. During the challenging times I ask myself “How can I grow from this?”

During the always too short, yet perfectly sublime moments, I remember to be grateful and trust that my future holds more exquisite moments.

While you can’t control life and all it throws your way, you can control your response and you can control your thoughts, beliefs and actions.

These challenges…well they’re no more daunting than the countless bumps in the road you have already overcome. And besides, they can make you stronger and more resilient.

And so that moment of happiness, too — enjoy it, relish it, and take it all in.

Stress Release Tip

Life’s disappointments and challenges can be so frustrating. Argh!!! Your mind can go into auto pilot and begin telling that overly negative, “life always sucks,” “why me,” story. You might find that the energy of the story is way more powerful than the actual event. In this moment of awareness, reframe your thinking. Is this some feedback you’ve been avoiding? Is it pointing you in a direction you have resisted, but is good for you?

Mindful Moment

When in doubt… breathe!!! I know, it sounds so simple…but we often times forget to breath slowly, purposefully, mindfully. When we become stressed our breath quickens and the body tenses up. Breath….in and out, in and out. Let it ride. Allow the tension to release, consciously feel it leaving your body. Allow the freedom to flow. It’s called The Breath of Freedom for a reason.

Quote From Jon

“The only thing on earth you can count on is that there is nothing on earth you can count on.”
– Eleanor Brownn

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