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  • Free Guided Mindfulness Meditations

    Free Guided Mindfulness Meditations

    Last year, the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center released a series of free guided mindfulness meditations and instructions. And they are all available for free. I wanted to share this hidden gem of a resource with you, because I love the quality and the focus of these meditations and instructions. You can both download them, play them in […]

  • Guided Meditation, Blissful Deep Relaxation

    Guided Meditation, Blissful Deep Relaxation

    This guided meditation is made by The Honest Guys, which have 179 videos at YouTube – with 40,661,161 views and 146,238 subscribers. In other words, meditation enthusiasts seem to love these guys. And so do we! This meditation for relaxation video, features a guided meditation designed to help you relax deeply. It has a background sounds of […]

  • Guided Breathing Meditation With Kim Eng

    Guided Breathing Meditation With Kim Eng

    While there are lots of guided meditations on YouTube, sometimes all I want is something short and simple without any music or background sounds. Those times this little gem is just perfect! This guided medtation is led by Kim Eng, the wife of Eckhart Tolle. It is a 10 minute meditation, where you will be introduced […]

  • Free Mooji Guided Meditation

    Free Mooji Guided Meditation

    I like this guided meditation very much as it focuses on awareness and natural noticing. Much like the mindfulness principle recently embraced by clinical psychology and popularized by Jon Kabat-Zinn, this guided meditation focuses on observing non-judgementally what is going on in the body, mind and environment around you. Mooji is a spiritual guru and follower of […]

  • Free Guided Meditation

    Free Guided Meditation

    When meditating it can be very helpful to have some guidance. Some prefer to meditate in silence, but others like to listen to a guiding voice telling them what to focus on in their meditation. Why not give it a try? This is a wonderful free meditation by the “The American Monk”, Burt Goldman. Hope […]