Celtic Meditation Music

Celtic Meditation Music

Is there anything more magical and soothing than celtic music?

If you don’t know what celtic style music is, have a listen to the music in the video below and see if you recognize it.

The video is 3 hours long, and features celtic music of different tempo and atmosphere.

Some parts are more calming than others, while some remind me of Irish “riverdance” (including the first 5 minutes of the video).

If you want to use this for a meditation session I recommend you listen to it beforehand, to find the best suitable section to use.

Otherwise you can easily end up getting distracted when the music becomes very upbeat and festive (which it does at times).

The music is by Adrian Von Ziegler, and you can check out more music by him on Amazon. Both CDs and digital tracks are available:

Have a listen, and please tell us what you think about this music. Is it suitable for meditation or relaxation, or better for entertainment and leisure?

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