Chanting Music For Relaxation

Chanting Music For Relaxation

Relax your brain for a few minutes!

A study has shown that chanting can reduce activity in the limbic system (associated with stress, emotion, learning, motivation, and more), effectively relaxing the brain.

And as if that wasn’t enough, other studies have found similar results from playing and listening to music.

This is great to remember if you want an easy way to get relaxed.

You can simply listen to calm music that you love.

You can take a set of words, or a traditional chant, and chant them out loud.

You can listen to recorded chanting, like the video below. It’s a chanting performance Gayatri Mantra, a highly revered mantra of the Vedic tradition.

Have a listen, and see if you feel relaxed.

I also recommend to try and meditate while chanting, which forces you to put all your focus on chanting – effectively blocking out or reducing disturbing thoughts or other distractions.

What do you think… is chanting for you? Comment below!

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