Cricket Sounds For Meditation

Cricket Sounds For Meditation

What is the background music of your happiest childhood memories?

Close your eyes, and think back to your childhood memories from summer and vacation. What do you hear in the background?

Now, the answer you have will most likely not be the same as mine, as this is very subjective and dependent on a lot of factors. Like where you lived and where you vacated (if you vacated at all).

For me the sound of summer vacation is crickets. We didn`t have too many crickets where I grew up, unless it was very warm weather – which we seldom had in my parts of Norway.

So cricket sounds most often meant either a very warm summer and school vacation, or travelling to a warmer country where the sound of crickets was commonplace.

When I hear the cricket sounds in the video below I am instantly reminded of good times, and I easily relax. Perfect to prepare for meditation, to play while doing household work, or while mediating.

I realize that this video with live cricket sounds might not have the same effect on you. If it doesn`t, see if you can locate a video with your childhood background sound on YouTube, or go out and record it yourself.

What are the happiest sounds of your childhood? Leave a comment below!

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