Cutting Through The Tension

This past week was tough at times. Nearly every day there was at least one opportunity to release the tension creeping up into my shoulders and neck.

When this happens, I’ll have a dull headache and even feel a bit of an energy drain. Using the breath, I was able to bring my focus to these areas of tension and feel a physical release as I allowed the tension to soften and melt away.

And by using this technique whenever I needed to, I was reminded that this feeling of relaxation is always available. What a relief!

When we train our minds to focus on the breath — just one thing at a time — we can drop the tension and cut through the stress we feel any time.

Try it this week. Breathe into the moment. Relax into Now. See if you can just let it go. Then move about your day in a lighter, less painful way.

Quick Meditation Tip

Notice how the body wants to relax, if we only let it. Set that timer and fall into the space provided by the breath.

Quote From Adam

“The Warrior of the Light needs time to herself. And she uses that time for rest, contemplation, and contact with the Soul of the World. Even in the midst of a battle, she manages to meditate.

“Occasionally, the Warrior sits down, relaxes, and lets everything that is happening around her continue to happen. She looks at the world as a spectator, she does not try to add to it or take away from it, she merely surrenders unresistingly to the movement of life.

“Little by little, everything that seemed complicated begins to become simple. And the Warrior is glad.”

– Paulo Coelho, “Warrior of the Light: A Manual”

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