Deepak Chopra, Wall Street, And Meditation

By on March 31, 2015

Deepak Chopra, Wall Street, And Meditation

Wall Streeters meditaters, CNBC reports!

CNBC’s Squawk Box just did a news segment yesterday, talking with Deepak Chopra about meditation.

Deepak gets up at 4AM, then meditates for 2 hours, followed by a meditation class. Talk about discipline!

He talks about meditations importance in tackling “the epidemic of stress”, “getting in touch with your spiritual self”, and the free 21 day online meditation he offers with Oprah Winfrey at

Deepak also talks about how he got into meditation as a chain-smoking, stressed doctor. He then mentions how many Wall Streeters meditate, and that it makes them much more productive because they are centered.

You can watch the whole new section from CNBC’s Squawk Box below, or go to CNBC’s news article (also includes the video).

What do you think about this news segment? Comment below!

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