Embracing Change, Embodying The Moment

We have an inherent fear of change. This fear has evolved in order to protect us. Change, at times in human history, has meant great hardship.

Think of how our early ancestors needed to respond to the coming winters.

If the changing of the seasons weren’t taken seriously, it could easily spell death for the entire tribe.

So fear, the body’s alarm bell, is the mechanism that triggered action.

The fear produced by the idea of change causes us to fight it.

Better to fight the mysterious unknown that change might bring than give up the comfort of familiar ground, right?


If our reflexive response to change is to avoid it, we may be preventing something magical from happening.

As we cling to the comfort of the past (which is really just a figment of our imagination), we may be blocking our fabulous future from arriving through this portal of the present.

So what’s another way? Can we just roll with it instead?

Make change an exciting challenge instead of a cause for dread?

I say “Yes, we can!” But how?

Recognize your fear. See the tendency for avoidance. And know that it’s natural.

Both change, and the attempts at avoidance. Breathe compassion for yourself. And then step forward anyway.

The more you step through the fires of experience that change offers, the more you are reminded that you have everything you need to thrive.

Change tests us, and we always pass, no matter how we judge the outcome.

Your life is changing. You are changing. Right now.

Ever-unfolding, ever-evolving, change is actually the one thing that we can always count on.

When we practice embracing it, we reap the rewards that result.

And they’re usually worth changing for.

Stress Release Tip

When we encounter the stress of change, we so often freak out and worry about things. Of course, worry leads to anxiety and tension, which leads to overwhelm, which leads to…. 🙁 sad face. In these moments, it helps to reflect on a time when you encountered a change and WON! And remember those feelings of accomplishment, bask in them. Let the feelings radiate throughout your body, bolstering your confidence with each wave of knowing.

Mindful Homework

Watch your mind closely as you approach opportunities for change. What is causing avoidance? With a few breaths, we can still the mind and release the nervous energy around making a powerful decision. Being mindful of the thoughts and feelings that are coming up, we move outside of reflex and habit, into aware action.

Quote From Adam

“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.”
– Lao Tzu

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