Everyone Dies, But Not Everyone Truly Lives

Everyone Dies, But Not Everyone Truly Lives

Ever take a moment in the middle of things to ask, “What am I doing with my life?” “Is this how I really want it to be?” “What the heck have I been doing?”

Ever find yourself in that situation?

Suddenly, you realize the job you always wanted is no longer ideal… you’re not living in the dream home you thought you would build someday… you’re not in the romantic relationship you had once fantasized about.

You’re not where you wanted to be financially, physically, or emotionally. Perhaps your bank account is smaller than hoped, or you’re heavier than you’ve ever been, or maybe you’re stuck in a less than satisfying relationship.

Wherever you may be today, find time to reflect on where you are at. You may very well be doing awesome and living the dream life — in that case — hurray!

We salute you — stay on course! But if you find yourself not there yet, we want to encourage you — to get off your butt and kick off the excuses!

Now we’re not going to tell you, “You have this one life, go do something with it.” No, what we want to say to you is, “You have this one life, go do something you’ve ALWAYS wanted!”

That’s right. Don’t live your life out of obligation or should’s. Live the life of YOUR dreams.

Here’s the good news. It doesn’t have to take that long or require heroic striving efforts.

Many of our clients are embracing their life of freedom by taking huge, scary AND totally manageable steps towards their dream life. Freedom from the grind, from constant stress, from the struggle of a life of conditioning, expectation and supposed-to’s.

Many have found freedom through our workshops, trainings, and coaching programs. We are amazed and overjoyed by our clients’ progress and the bold steps they’ve taken…and we are inspired!

And many of you have told us how Adam’s book has impacted your life… and Adam was inspired by YOU! He recently updated his book with more goodies and new videos to make it even better. So check out the 2nd edition of his bestselling book, Stress Is Optional! How to Kick the Habit.

So if you are stuck on a course less than spectacular, then take the exit now! and start moving towards the life you’ve always wanted, today.

Stress Release Tip

Making changes for the better sounds nice, but if you want big changes, it can be daunting! That’s okay. You don’t have to tackle the entire world today. Take a step back, take a deep breath, and do what we call a ‘weekly dump’. Dump all your to-do’s in a notebook and organize them by importance. Now, just do one at a time and check them off one at a time. When you break down your mountain of must-do’s into one step at a time, it turns into a totally doable mole hill. You got this!

Mindful Moment

Sometime this week, set aside a date with yourself. Take yourself out to a special place like a park or a favorite coffee house. Bring your journal with you. Sit there for a few minutes, in silence, without your phone. Get into the rhythm of your breath. Allow your mind to settle. Now, ask yourself, where in my life am I happy and satisfied? Write the answer down in your journal. Then ask yourself, what areas in my life do I want to change and why? Write that down, too. Sit for a moment in appreciation for where you are at today.

Quote From Dana, Jon & Adam

“Every man dies, not every man really lives.”
– William Wallace

This post is co-written by our contributors Dana LinJon White and Adam Timm.

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