Feeling Experience

The practice of meditation involves checking in with the body, again and again, and just noticing how this feels. We notice what’s coming up – feelings, thoughts, urges – without getting caught-up.

Letting go of any thoughts that arise and simply resting in the body.

We do this through the breath. On each in-breath, we check our posture, feel any areas of tension, and expand our awareness of this feeling of being right here, right now.

How much feeling can you bring into this breath? Notice the heart beating, the density of the body, the blood coursing through your veins.

Let the life of the body be your sole point of focus.

And on the out-breath, we completely relax and let go, allowing any concept of what the body is to simply dissolve. Just let your self dissolve into the air in front of you.

Then we take another breath.

This process is continually renewing itself with each breath, just as our life is renewing itself each and every moment. The body is the way in to this moment. The breath our trusty steed.

Ride on.

Quick Meditation Tip

To achieve the best posture for our practice, it is helpful to get a meditation cushion or bench. When sitting on a cushion or bench, the spine is allowed to rest in its natural curve, promoting greater alignment, and, as a result, deeper levels of relaxation.

Quote From Adam

“Your body lives in this present moment. So whenever your attention begins to wander to past regrets or future anxieties, come back to the body and remember: Here and now. Breathe and relax.”
– Dan Millman

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