Focus Into Meditation With Gravity Glue

Focus Into Meditation With Gravity Glue

Do you have a hobby which almost always helps you stress down and enjoy life?

Like doing some arts and crafts, sports, reading or even clean the house?

If the answer is yes, part of the reason you feel that way is probably because your hobby brings you to a meditative state by focusing on a single task or action.

Much like the arts of Zen, we can find deep meditation in everyday tasks – if only we allow ourselves to focus 100% on them.

I love how the video below perfectly illustrates this. Just hear what Michael has to say about how his “gravity glue” stone balancing relates to meditation:

“Just the sound of the water rushing by really kinda drowns my thoughts out, which kinda helps in the meditative process. But yeah, just while I’m actually focusing on that balance point, I’m almost like not even using vision or hearing. It’s just a feeling.”
– Michael Grab

Did you love this video? If so, why? Tell us in a comment below…

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