Giving To Receive, Giving To Give

Giving To Receive Giving To Give

If you’re anything like me, you love to help others out. You love to serve, nurture, show others that you care.

You step in when it seems that no one else will. You alleviate suffering.

Their world is brighter because of you.

This is a beautiful trait. A trait that many of my clients share also.

Working with a client recently, it became clear that her nurturing nature was beginning to cause suffering for her.

Has this ever happened to you? You put so much effort into helping others that eventually it feels like no one is helping you.

And then the person you were helping seems to turn on you. Wha- !!??

You’ve been helping those who are seemingly victims of their circumstances, and now you’re the victim.

“They just don’t appreciate my efforts,” you say. “How could they do this to me after all I’ve done for them?” you ask. “That’s the last time I’ll be taken advantage of,” comes to mind.

Instead of flipping the script and taking on the victim role ourselves, what would happen if we embraced a higher truth?

The truth that when we gave of ourselves to a person in need, we did it without expectation.

The truth that this giving was and still is our natural inclination. We are born to give.

The truth that we did the very best we knew how to at the time.

The truth that the person you nurtured and cared for received exactly what they needed at the time, and it was through the strength you provided that they were able to stand on their own two feet (even if it was to stand up against you.)

When we embrace the higher truth instead of wallowing in the muck of our invented hurts borne of past wrongs, we let go into the divinity — the rightness — of our efforts.

You can smile, knowing that your efforts are never wasted. Relax, knowing you did the right thing.

Breathe easy, knowing that you will soon meet another wonderful moment of freedom.

Stress Release Tip

What’s causing you the most stress right now? Take out a pen and some paper and draw 2 columns. On the left, write this cause. On the right, write down five things that you can do over the next week to dramatically lower these feelings of stress. Commit to doing one of these things each day for the next five days.

Mindful Homework

Your assignment is to go for a mindful hike or walk. Choose a day where you can really make some time to devote yourself fully. On the hike, walk more slowly than you would normally. Maintain a leisurely stroll. Feel the motion of your body, your legs swinging, feet pressing, leg-swing, foot press. Notice the temperature of the air on your skin, the weight of your body. What sounds do you hear? What do you see? Dwell from the place of internal awareness, noticing how each sense perception makes you feel.

Quote From Adam

“Don’t let anything stand in the way of you claiming and manifesting the life you choose rather than the life you have by default.”
– Joy Page

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