Graceful Living

Most of us, for most of our lives, have been doing what we’re told. Striving to live up to the expectations explicitly handed us or implicitly demonstrated to us.

We’ve been good children for our parents. Good students for our teachers. Good wives, husbands, parents, sisters, brothers. Good employees.

And we’ve been rewarded for doing what we’re told. Recognition, praise, high marks, love, pay raises…

The message has been, “work hard, do well, live well,” right? But what happens when “work hard, do well” doesn’t result in “live well?”

What happens when all that effort and striving, in the pursuit of living up to other’s expectations, just leaves you exhausted, beat down, stressed-out?

In this moment of realization — the realization that other’s expectations don’t necessarily spell H-A-P-P-I-N-E-S-S, for you — there is an opportunity.

An opportunity for grace. An opportunity to let go, open up, and relax into your authentic life.

The life that has always been waiting for you. Not the one handed down by the people you’ve been trying to please. The life that arises from simply being yourself.

This life of grace is yours to live. And it arrives by surrendering to those subtle clues that you’re given each day. Those emotions pointing you in the direction of your dreams. In the direction of your bliss!

Follow your deepst longing. Trust in your inner knowing. This is your journey.

Quick Meditation Tip

When you sit, allow yourself to rest fully into this time. Set a timer, turn the phone off, let your loved ones know that you will be back in a bit. Then let go. Fall into the breath. Take refuge in the practice.

Mindful Homework

When encountering a difficult situation, see if you can be with it fully. Notice, “I’m angry/ frustrated/sad right now. Interesting.” Really immerse yourself in this feeling. Rest in it, breathe into it. Don’t run away from it. And notice how, when we give the feeling our attention, the story we have created around it (the thinking mind) fades. Being with the feeling allows us to move through it, then get on with life.

Quote From Adam

“We make life heavy just by thinking it is.”
– The Golden Mirror

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