Have A Great Day, And Adam Redesign!

I redesigned my bi-daily blog posts here at Daily Meditate, so I wanted to make a post about the new changes!

Every other day, I will share a few words on seeing the world a bit more clearly, living with less stress, and simply relaxing more fully into this beautiful life.

I’ll also include one of my favorite quotes, along with a Mindful Homework assignment for you to take with you during the course of the next two days.

My hope is that, with its application, you will find more stillness and peace waiting for you. We can always use a bit more of each!

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Have a great day!

Quick Meditation Tip

Meditation is really about sitting with oneself, and relaxing into this feeling, no matter what comes up. We can then take this mindful state into our lives, meeting each moment as it arises, without fear, without tension.

Mindful Homework

The coming days, see if you can S L O W down your normal pace of doing things. Take the long way to or from work. Work a bit more slowly, paying close attention to each movement. Go about your household chores a bit more deliberately, slowly, more relaxingly. And see what happens. You can always go back to the rushed pace of yesterday.

Quote From Adam

“Life is a theater — a game we play as if it matters. So play whatever role is called for, in any situation that may arise, with a peaceful heart and a warrior spirit.”
– Dan Millman

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