Guided Meditation, Blissful Deep Relaxation

This guided meditation is made by The Honest Guys, which have 179 videos at YouTube – with 40,661,161 views and 146,238 subscribers. In other words, meditation enthusiasts seem to love these guys.

And so do we!

This meditation for relaxation video, features a guided meditation designed to help you relax deeply. It has a background sounds of ocean waves, is led by a british male deep voice, and is very well scripted.

It has periods of stillness which allows room to meditate on your own, which can both be considered a good and a bad thing.

View it for yourself, and see if you like it. There are also numerous comments from other viewers, if you want other people’s reviews as well. You can go directly to the video on YouTube here.

If you like what you hear, I do recommend that you consider looking up some more of The Honest Guys digital music below.

Here it is, The Honest Guy’s “Guided Meditation – Blissful Deep Relaxation”:

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