Guided Meditation “The Seat”

Guided Meditation "The Seat"

This wooden bench – on a field – is waiting for you…

Join as we revisit “The Honest Guys”, and their fabulous YouTube Channel.

We’ve previously featured guided meditations from them, in these posts:

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Here is another great guided meditation from our friends, called “The Seat”.

It features wonderful scenes from a fish pond in the intro, and the guided meditation accompanies varying imagery of a wooden bench in a green field.

The meditation is short, but very relaxing and calming. I just love the soothing qualities of this leading voice!

Have a listen for yourself, and see how you like it (don’t forget to comment).

There is nothing left for me to say than to repeat the greeting in the video:  “I would like to invite you to a place of peace and tranquility.”

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