Guided Slow Yoga Meditation

Guided Slow Yoga Meditation, Featured Article

Guided Slow Yoga Meditation

Yoga + Meditation = True!

Yoga and meditation go hand in hand. There is no doubt about that (*).

Yoga means to come together and make whole, and is a system of exercises for mental and physical health.

“What?! Yoga is not only about impossible poses and yoga pants?”
– Some random guy

Yoga incorporates meditation as part of the practice, and is a great way to meditate while also taking special care of – and paying attention to – your body.

Personally I have never been in a yoga class, but have read texts and books about traditional Indian yoga and yogis. Plus my girlfriend does yoga!

And I must admit I have considered enlisting in a yoga class from time to time. Though, admittedly being a little chubby, I have always dismissed the idea. Perhaps one day, perhaps…

But what I do do, is to always have an open ear (and an open mind) to how meditation is being taught to and practiced by yoga practitioners.

Like this great video by Lesley Fightmaster on YouTube:

It is a 13 minute long video with a combination of yoga poses and exercises, and a sitting guided meditation. Lesley has a soft and gentle voice, and leads us on a wonderful meditation journey.

And as if this single video wasn’t enough, Lesley teaches free yoga classes on YouTube EVERY day!

Take a break from whatever you’re doing, watch this guided yoga meditation, and treat yourself to some well deserved rest – both for your mind and your body.

And once you’re done, please take a moment to leave a comment below!

(* You could of course argue that meditators don’t have to necessarily have any affiliation with, or love for, yoga. And you could of course say the same thing about yoga practitioners not necessarily loving meditation, or even have any formal training in it. But apart from people’s subjective opinions and experiences – the fact that meditation is/was an integral part of  Eastern traditional yoga, and that the West has in large been introduced to meditation from Eastern traditions – I’d say they at the very least are close cousins.)

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