Happiness Is…

Whatever you are doing, whatever it is you are working on, whatever it is you are passionate about — I invite you to invest yourself fully in that task, commit to the vision that you have for the future, and stride boldly in the direction of your dreams.

Sometimes the steps we must take in this direction stir up fear and apprehension because we’ve never traveled this path before.

We’ve never followed our heart in this way. But when we step out of the thinking mind, and into feeling, there is something much more certain waiting.

Have you ever followed your gut instinct, even though it wasn’t the certain choice?

Have you pursued what your intuition kept reminding you of, against the protests of your thoughts?

Have you made the unpopular choice, only to be shown that it was the right one?

These messages from the body – messages of feeling, of intuition, of gut instinct – are the reminders of who you truly are and what you truly long for.

Heed these calls, and relax into the knowing that happiness is not something to quest for. It is something to realize.

Happiness is being who you are.

Quick Meditation Tip

Designate a spot in your home as your meditation spot. Adorn it with a meditation cushion or bench, and allow yourself to be here, safely. This is where you arrive each day to unwind and plug back in to the source of relaxation within.

Mindful Homework

Today, as you engage in your daily conversations, see if you can open yourself fully to each exchange, leaving your mind out of the planning of what to say next. Allow the person in front of you the full right to be who they are without judgment. And then notice, if something is said that elicits an emotional response, where does this emotion come up in the body? And how does this emotion lead to a story of some past exchange? And where is your mind now? Come back to the conversation, and refresh your awareness of the simplicity of just being where you are.

Quote From Adam

“A Warrior of the Light accepts his Personal Legend completely.

His friends say, ‘He has remarkable faith!’

For a moment, the Warrior feels proud, then immediately feels ashamed of what he has heard because he does not have as much faith as he appears to have.

At that moment, his angel whispers: ‘You are only an instrument of the Light. There is no reason to feel proud or to feel guilty. There are only reasons to be happy.’

And the Warrior of the Light, aware now that he is but an instrument, feels calmer and more secure.”

– Paulo Coelho, “Warrior of the Light: A Manual”

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