How Great To Be You

Today is your day to be completely and fully YOU. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, live it fully.

Any moment and any experience offers the same gateway to happiness as any other. It’s true!

Even that mundane task that you’ve been putting off — the dishes, your taxes, those darn TPS reports — presents us with another chance to enter fully into the present moment, and BE whatever that moment requires.

Fully and completely. No thought necessary!

Do you ever find yourself putting off your happiness for another time?

“If I could only get that promotion, then I’d be happy.” “If there just wasn’t any traffic, then I could enjoy this drive.” “If only I were thinner, more beautiful, smarter, funnier, stronger, had a better house, better car, etc. etc. etc., then–THEN! I could let myself be happy.”

But I ask you this, my friend: If not now, when?

It is only our thoughts that prevent happiness and joy from flowing freely into all of our daily pursuits.

Maybe you feel like I used to. I thought that if I allowed myself to be happy with my less-than-acceptable circumstances, somehow I might be stuck with them!

Better to be discontent all the time, and teach those circumstances a lesson!

But the only one who was suffering was me (and, at times, those who I drew into my discontentment).

Relaxing these old ways of thinking and letting them fall away, I found happiness waiting. It was mine to claim. And it is yours too.

It’s there. Look no further than the stillness within.

Quick Meditation Tip

Each one of our meditation sessions exists independent of the next. We are not seeking some “ideal” state of relaxation, some insight, some feeling. We simply arrive at each moment and see what’s going on, without expectation, without conditions, without a thought.

Mindful Homework

Awareness of the breath at any time brings us more fully into the moment. Driving, relax into the breath. At your desk, relax into the breath. Playing with your kids, relax into the breath. It’s always there, guiding us to a lighter way of being. Any time that you remember, remember your breath. Bring your focus out of your head and into the body.

Quote From Adam

“So the practice of meditation involves learning how to relax. First we relax our bodies. Then we relax our minds. And when we do this we are putting the mechanism of our ego in neutral. We’re putting the mechanism of maintaining a false sense of who we are in neutral.

And then what happens is something pretty great. Which is us. When we’re willing to simply stop running away. Then who we are, and who we need to be, begins to show itself.”
– Reggie Ray

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