How To Meditate – Leo’s No-Bullshit Guide

How To Meditate - Leo's No-Bullshit Guide

This guide on how to meditate is by Leo at, and was released just about a week ago.

He spends the first part talking about some of the numerous benefits to meditation, and even mentions enlightenment as a possible outcome.

He then briefly gives a definition of what meditation is, before he teaches us a meditation technique.

This particular meditation technique has you focus on “clearing your mind of thoughts” (as opposed to focusing on a mantra, visual image or chanting).

See the full video to learn everything about Leo’s meditation technique, and more on how to meditate.

Disclaimer: While we do agree with many of the things Leo is saying in his video, we do not share his idea of meditation making all of us into superhumans capable of “being able to be happy no matter what the circumstances” (and a list of other things). While his ideal future might come true for very small number of us, it is by no means any guarantee, and is not only reliant on disciplined meditation practice.

What was your biggest takeaway from this video? Please tell us in a comment below…

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