How To Tap Your Personal Power

We are all powerful beyond measure. It comes with the territory of being human.

We are born into a world where we can choose to think what we want, to do the work we like, to live where we want, who we spend time with – anything!


But sometimes we forget this.

Over a lifetime of being told what to do, asking for permission to be who we are, and giving our power away to those around us, we become convinced that we are powerless.

That we have no control. That we’re not “supposed” to be successful, happy, or abundant.

And so we get stressed.

We focus on lack and limitation. We see the world through the lens of jealousy and envy.

But with awareness, we can choose a different way.

When we relax into to the “wonder of who we are,” we touch something deep.

We touch uniqueness.

We see the world as only we can. And this is powerful.

You owe it to the world to relax fully into your path.

Own it.

Be it.

Because only YOU can.

How will you harness your power this week and channel it into your daily life?

Stress Release Tip

Take a break from your work today. Stand up and stretch. Walk down to the street and breathe in some fresh air. Consciously allow the tension in your shoulders to relax. Oh, and don’t forget to leave your cellphone behind! This break is just for you.

Mindful Homework

Allow yourself 30 to 45 minutes to take a bath. Don’t hurry for even one second. From the moment your prepare the bathwater to the moment you put on clean clothes, let every motion be light and slow. Be attentive to every movement. Place attention to every part of your body, without discrimination or fear. Be mindful of each stream of water on your body. By the time you’ve finished, your mind should feel as peaceful and light as your body. Follow your breath.
– Thich Nhat Hanh, “The Miracle of Mindfulness”

Quote From Adam

“You’re an original, an individual, a masterpiece. Celebrate that; don’t let your uniqueness make you shy. Don’t be someone other than the wonder you are. Every star is important to the sky.”
– Douglas Pagels

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