If There’s Fear, Roll With It

Today is a great day to check-in with your fear and see it for what it is.

Tell-tale anxieties? Limiting beliefs?

They’re no match for present moment awareness.

You’ve decided to make a change, pursue a new endeavor, reinvent an aspect of your life.

The vision for this new way of being inspires you.

Maybe it’s to write that book you’ve been thinking about (you’ll be an author!), start your business (an entrepreneur!), commit to that special someone (no longer “single!”), yet there’s something holding you back.

Anxiety. Worry. Apprehension. Hesitation. FEAR.

But fear, when seen for what it really is, can’t stop you. In fact, it can be used to spur you into bold action.

Fear, in its purest sense, is a feeling. A message from the body.

Our response to this message is determined largely by past conditioning. Not only from this life, but also from the many generations that have come before us.

To our ancestors, change often meant danger. The changing of the seasons could portend death to the tribe.

A change in the way that one was received by the tribe could spell death if the individual was expelled.

Written into our DNA is the desire to conform, to not be seen as different, to avoid the fear that comes from change.

And so we stay comfortable. We don’t rock the boat. We cave when fear presents itself.

Instead, we can use the fear.

Fear and its attendant anxiety tunes the body for maximum performance.

As stress hormones like adrenaline, epinephrine, and norepinephrine course through the veins, we become better able to focus.

We work harder because we are invested in the outcome. We know we want to shine.

When you fear failure, it means that you care about what happens. This is a good thing.

Settling into this feeling of fear, breathing into it, embracing it, we can master it. We can understand what the fear is saying.

Consciously choosing to go head-on into the fear, instead of retreating because we don’t know any better, brings power. And to the victor go the spoils!

I’m voting for your victory.

Stress Release Tip

Fear and anxiety cloud our vision and prevent us from seeing things in their true, positive light. This creates a cascading downward spiral of anxiety that produces more fearful thoughts that produce more anxiety, further preventing right-seeing. In these moments, more than ever, it is important to sit and breathe. Allow the body to come to rest. Pair your mind with the stillness that resides inside the breath. As the mind stills, we return to center.

Mindful Homework

Examine your fears in the light of your presence. What can you see? What is the underlying cause of your fear? Is it anxiety about the unknown? Fear of failure? Fear of success? Fear of death? Self judgment? Worry over others’ expectations?

Bringing the real cause into your conscious awareness allows you to process and integrate this information, further enhancing your level of personal understanding. Unconscious fears push us around without us even knowing it. With awareness comes freedom.

Quote From Adam

“Ultimately we know deeply that the other side of every fear is freedom.”
– Mary Ferguson

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