If You Had The Choice, Would You?

Sometimes the decision that has to be made is a difficult one. Sometimes the outcome can never be pleasant, yet action must still be taken, words spoken.

How do know when to make the decision?

How do you know if it’s the right decision?

Especially if it might hurt someone you love…

There is no easy answer, but the truth flows from the wisdom of the body.

From the stillness of the body flows the answer, with certainty.

It may arrive in flash of thought, a shimmer of emotion, an achy feeling in the gut, constriction in the chest or throat — wherever this information arrives, whenever it arises, we must listen and feel into this truth.

The body perceives the totality of each moment.

Moment after moment.

And the more we can still our thinking mind, the more we can feel into this totality.

Normally, our perception of the moment is limited to one or two senses at any time.

When we open to the wisdom of the body, we feel, sense, see, and touch much, much more.

As my teacher Reggie Ray says, “We begin to see in the dark.”

This vision amidst the darkness is truth.

Your truth. My truth.

Our personal truth can not be overlooked; it can not be reasoned away; it sometimes can not be explained. It just is.

And from this knowing, we must act.

Even if the unfolding that follows is uncomfortable.

Stress Release Tip

Endeavor to trust yourself in the coming days. When you are uncertain at any particular moment, take a few deep breaths, consciously relax the body, and allow the truth to arise and guide you. With practice, we can begin to trust what comes up. Pretend you know – you probably do.

Mindful Homework

When we still the mind on a daily basis, just breathing and feeling into the moment, we naturally arrive at a more compassionate outlook. As we sit, we are constantly letting go of thoughts, urges, ideas, emotions, sensations, cultivating a deep sense of peace with anything that comes up. And it begins with compassion towards ourselves. Then it flows outward to the world. Be mindful this week of how tightly you cling to your judgments and ideas. As you notice, let go.

Quote From Adam

“Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.”
-Benjamin Spock

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