[INFOGRAPHIC] Meditation Not For You? Read This!!

The Skeptic's Guide To Meditation (INFOGRAPHIC)

Just two days ago, Happify and Dan Harris posted this infographic at the Huffington Post, and prefaced it by saying:

“Lately, it seems that meditation has become as prominent in the workplace as weekly meetings — and there couldn’t be a greater reason for it.

Research suggests the practice can help boost focus, lower stress and make us more compassionate — not to mention the calming ritual also has a myriad of physical health benefits. Yet, despite the overwhelming positives meditation has, people still have reservations about committing to it.

For the more apprehensive folks out there, Happify, a website dedicated to helping people build skills for happiness through science-based activities and games, put together an infographic to conquer that skepticism.

Read on to discover the most common myths and the basic science behind meditation. If this doesn’t convince you to start, we don’t know what will.”

Read the whole post here.

I love this infographic, and how it’s aimed at skeptics who’ve discounted meditation in the past.

See for yourself…

And share with any friends you think might need to see this!

The Skeptic's Guide To Meditation (INFOGRAPHIC)

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