Is Drawing Meditation?

Is Drawing Meditation?

Is Drawing Meditation?

Do you sometimes find yourself meditating while doing an activity you love?

I came across this question in a fascinating interview on youtube, about meditation and drawing. And what a gem of a video!

The presenter starts off by saying:

“A lot of times when you do a drawing, you end up feeling calm and relaxed, and you feel centered and in the now.”

The person being interviewed is Prashant Miranda, a faculty staff member at the Sketchbook Skool. Prashant has been meditating for 12 years, and is an avid artist.

He has a great perspective on how both drawing and meditation have influenced his life, in very similar ways. Watch the video, and see for yourself:

I personally feel that in moments of feeling low, or not particularly happy, meditation is not always the right tool to utilize straight away.

Not because meditation does not work in those situations, but because there are many other things we can do to improve our mood BEFORE we sit down to meditate.

Like “forcing” yourself to smile (which Prashant also talks about in the video), or do an activity which you know makes you happy and/or relaxed.

And once you’ve done our activity of choice, I bet you’ll find it much easier to meditate than if you were to go straight from “monday blues” to “meditation bliss”.

What do you think… is drawing (or other fun activity) meditation? Comment below!

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