It’s Gonna Be A Lovely Day!

The last few days have brought me many reminders of how truly supported I am. And looking back even further, I see that I have always been supported – lifted! – by so many around me.

As a child, my parents always made sure that there were opportunities to grow (and have fun!).

My teachers have always provided just what I needed at the right time.

My relationships too!

And without my trusted mentors, success would still evade me.

I give thanks!

Even circumstances that, at the time, seemed difficult, were the launching point for a beautiful unfolding.

When we bask in a feeling of gratitude for all that we have (and there is so much to be grateful for, is there not?) — when we really FEEL IT — a few cool things happen.

First, we stop the reflex of our stressed-out thinking. Our focus moves from lack and limitation to abundance and joy. What a shift!

Second, we beam from the inside. You can’t help but smile while you contemplate the good in your life, right? With this beaming, we become a conduit for more good to happen. Not only to us, but to anyone who is lucky enough to touch this field of positivity.

Finally, we make it easier to return to this space. The more thankful we are, the more we see to be thankful for. And the next time time the clouds come, we can enjoy the shade, instead of worrying whether the sun will return.

“The sun’ll come out, tomorrow!”
– Annie

Stress Release Tip

Along with feeling gratitude, we can also turn off the stress response with the feeling of being in the company of family, of old friends. To bring these feelings of safety and acceptance, just take a moment to close your eyes and imagine yourself with these dear people. Who comes to mind? Can you see their smile? Let the feeling move through your entire body, as you let your tension relax.

Mindful Homework

Your challenge this week, should you choose to accept it, is to spend some time outside. I don’t mean while your walking to and from your car for work. Really take some time to sit in the grass, listen to the sounds, see the trees sway in the distance, notice the smells on the breeze. How much can you take in? How many senses can you engage? As your senses come alive, just breathe.

Quote From Adam

“We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.”
– Thornton Wilder

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