Learn To Meditate In 5 Easy Steps

[Video] Learn To Meditate In 5 Easy Steps

Need some quick meditation inspiration?

How about 5 easy steps, in a 5 minute video?

That is just what the YouTube “Audio Entrainment” has to offer.

I liked it so much that I wanted to share it with all of you.

It is in a “hand-drawing-on-a-whiteboard” style, and goes through how to get started meditation, and exactly how to do it.

The 5 easy steps they are covering are:

  1. Find the right location
  2. Keep a straight spine
  3. Pre-meditation preparation
  4. Focus on your breath
  5. Observe without judgment

While I do agree that those are all good steps, I would personally replace their focus on “binaural frequencies” sounds (in step 3) with a relaxation exercise.

But, as I have very little experience with binaural frequency sounds/music, I won`t comment anymore on that.

I urge you to have a look for yourself, though. Press play, and see what you think!

After you`re done, please tell me what your biggest takeaway was from this video, in a comment below.

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