Long Calm Mind Guided Meditation

I recently came across a guided meditation at a website called “Guided Mind”, and I really liked it. What happened next involved a twisted arm, a nice guy, and a free gift.

Strange, huh?

Let me tell you all about it.

As I said it started by me discovering a new guided meditation at a website.

I downloaded it, and started listening.

I liked it a lot, and naturally my next thought was to share it with you all.

The only problem was that it was hidden behind an opt-in box. In other words I had to give away my email address to get it.

And I am not against that myself, quite the contrary.

But I wanted you guys to have a chance to listen to it first, and then decide if you wanted to give away your email address afterwards.

So I went ahead and contacted the creators of this meditation, and I got a response!

A friendly guy responded, and after twisting his arm a little bit, I managed to persuade him to allow me to share the guided meditation with you for free!

Ain’t it great?

To sum up this guided meditation…

  • Recorded professionally (no background noise or bad quality microphone)
  • Led by a British accent guy named Steven Aitchison, who’ve also written/created it himself
  • Is meant to calm your mind, which I really think it does a good job at
  • Uses great visual images and flows naturally
  • Is just long enough for my taste (when it comes to guided meditations), at just under 20 minutes

Listen to it yourself here:


If you want more guided meditations by Steven, you can go here.

All that remains for me then is to ask you this simple question…

“What did you think?”

Did you like it, or not your cup of tea?

Comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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