Meditating At An Airport, On A Bike

Meditating At An Airport, On A Bike

Schiphol Amsterdam Airport Park
Photo: Copyright Schiphol Amsterdam Airport

This post is powered by bicycle power, at an airport, in transit.

Surrounded by trees, nature sounds and hurried people, I’m pedalling along on a stationary bike.

You see, I’m at the Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, enjoying some transit time in their “Airport Park”.

I have been here a few times before, but due to little time between flights I’ve always walked past the park in smiling admiration.

But not this time. I first visit the PARKCAFÉ at the outskirts of the café, and enjoy a delicious veggie burger with avocado and wasabi mayonnaise. Yum!

And then I walk over to the WeBike, plug in my laptop, and start pedalling.

After about 10 minutes I’ve written three lines of this post (I had some technical difficulties with the internet), and my ass is really hurting from the rather thin leather seat.

I still loved it!

WeBike in action
Photo: Copyright WeWatt

What I loved the most about the airport park though, was the fact that they play relaxing bird sounds on the speakers, have a green nature theme for the decoration and interior, and try to make you feel like in a tranquil park.

Which makes this the perfect place also for meditation.

Just find a comfortable couch, reclining chair (beach style, with leather padding), wooden park bench, a sacco bag, or a big piece of tree log – and sit down.

Eyes closed or open, doesn’t matter. Just observe non-judgmentally while allowing time to pass calmly by.

Who would have thought that airport and meditation could pair so well?

Have you ever been meditating at an airport..? Please comment below.

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