Meditation Helps Relieve Migraines

Meditation Helps Relieve Migraines, Featured Article

Meditation Helps Relieve Migraines

Ever tried to give birth through your forehead?

Unless you’re an ancient Greek god, I surely hope not.

But that’s one of the explanations of how a migraine can feel like, compiled by The Huffington Post in their article “This Is What A Migraine Feels Like”. As you can see in the article, migraines are different from person to person – but all the explanations sound horribly painful.

I personally have never had a migraine, but my girlfriend does. And I feel really, really, REALLY… REALLY sorry for her 🙁

Which is why I was very excited when I read this article detailing a new study on how meditation can help relieve migraines:
Researchers probing potential power of meditation as therapy

Here is a short excerpt:

“Wells’ second study found that adults with migraines who practiced MBSR [mindfulness-based stress reduction] for eight weeks had shorter and less debilitating migraines than those in the control group who received standard medical care. The members of the MBSR group also had trends of less frequent and less severe attacks, and reported having a greater sense of self-control over their migraines.”

Read the whole article about the study and it’s findings here.

I am definitely gonna share this with my girlfriend, in hopes it can be of help to her.

What do you think about this study? And do you think it can help you or someone you love?

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