Meditation Music Playlists

Meditation Music Playlists

Need to just sit down, dim the lights, take a breath, and meditate to some relaxing music? Voilá, then here is JUST what you need.

We have mostly shared meditation music in the form of YouTube videos here on Daily Meditate.

This time we thought we’d do something a little different…


We’ve compiled 4 great meditation music playlist sources for you to explore and listen to when you need it the most.

Only one of them is on YouTube, while the others are on different websites without video.

Here is our list:

YouTube Japanese Meditation Music Playlist

YouTube Japanese Meditation Music Playlist

This playlists contains 39 videos with meditation music tracks, all of Japanese origin or inspiration. Perfect for that calm zen feeling. If you do a search for “meditation music” on YouTube, and select “Playlists” under the “Filters” option, you will also get thousands of other playlists to choose from. Music Playlists

Free Meditation Music Playlists

A meditation website with their own meditation playlists. Easy to use, and features a good variation of music.

8Tracks Meditation Music Playlists

8tracks Meditation Music Playlists

This is a list of user submitted meditation music playlists on the internet radio website The fact that this is music shared by other people makes for very diverse playlists and music genres. A great place to go for some new music inspiration.

Stereomood Meditation Music Playlist

Stereomood Meditation Music Playlist

A playlist by music streaming service Stereomood. This is music streaming with a twist; it plays music tailored to your mood and activities. You can also get playlists for activities such as yoga, and moods such as relaxed and peaceful.

Now you should be equipped with all the meditation music you need for another decade, or at least the nearest future. Grab a cup of tea (or your other favorite beverage), sit yourself in a relaxed position, put on some of this music, and let go!

We hope you will enjoy these meditation music playlists, and look forward to receive your comment with your feedback below.

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