Meditation Quote 34: “Pay attention to that which sees the mind.” – Mooji

One of the joys of meditation is that it let’s us explore our inner self in a unique way. What lies beyond mind, for example. Nothing, something, or everything?

The best way to observe the mind in meditation, is to come from a place outside, looking in. And then, like Mooji says in this quote, we can pay attention to that which sees the mind.

Simple? Yes..

Confusing? Yes..

Simple, but confusing. Often the biggest truths are hidden in seemingly simple paradoxes like this.

It is my hope that this quote can make you turn inwards and explore yourself on a deeper level. Why not try it today?

“Pay attention to that which sees the mind.”
– Mooji

"Pay attention to that which sees the mind." - Mooji

Here is a talk in which Mooji talks about the quote himself. Note that he here first says “Pay attention to that in which the mind is seeing”, and then explains further by saying “Pay attention to that which sees the mind”. Enjoy:

Can you identify with what Mooji is saying? Please comment below…

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