Meditation Quote 41: “You are responsible for your own happiness!” – Judith D’souza

No one, and yes – not even your mom, god, superman or santa – can give you happiness. So who can?

You can!

That’s right. Even though it is not easy, you are the only one who ultimately are responsible for your own happiness.

All the everyday choices you make influence your happiness.

Responding to a situation with a smile instead of indifference, embracing a challenge with enthusiasm instead of sulking about it, doing something active with your body instead of laying on the couch, and… yeah, I guess you get it.

Choosing to meditate is also something that can turn a depressed mood into an inner smile. Not only can meditation help immediately, it will definitely also help you in the long run.

I urge you to make mediation a habit today, to set yourself on the path to more happiness and joy.

“You are responsible for your own happiness!”
– Judith D’souza

"You are responsible for your own happiness!" – Judith D’souza

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