Meditation Quote 48: “Meditation is allowing what is.” – Victor Davich

Most meditation techniques involve something to focus the mind on, like your breath, a mantra, or a visualization. And by focusing on something we are better able to remove other distractions and calm our mind. But what about allowing the distractions and reality to be as is?

As the now popular movement of mindfulness has proposed in later years, we can approach our meditation differently by nonjudgmentally observing our distractions (thoughts, feelings, sounds, smells, etc), acknowledging them, and allowing them to exist.

I am oversimplifying here, and for a reason. It is not all this black and white, and most meditation traditions incorporate both focus, awareness, and much much more into their traditions.

But it is nonetheless an important aspect of meditation to be aware of.

Like with anything it is hard at first, but a wonderful way to explore yourself and how the inner and outer world affects you. Try it today!

“Meditation is allowing what is.”
– Victor Davich

Do you agree with this definition of meditation… if so, why? If not, howcome? Comment below…

"Meditation is allowing what is." - Victor Davich

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