Meditation Quote 87: “Look within. Be still…” – Buddha

Meditation Quote 87

The bad news: Life can at times be hard, stressful and spooky!

The good news: To balance our struggle we only need to look within.

I just came across this quote the other day, and I immediately connected with it.

It is a quote from Buddha himself, about how our own stillness can help remove us from our pain, and show us the way.

Read it for yourself:

“Look within. Be still. Free from fear and attachment, know the sweet joy of the way.”
– Buddha

While we can interpret this in many ways – spiritual, philosophical, religiously – we can also look at it in the eyes of recent mindfulness and meditation research.

Meditation has been found to help reduce stress, treat depression, cure addictions, as well as help us enhance certain parts of our brain and increase concentration.

If you read the quote again in the light of this, I am sure you can see how Buddha was right – not only in a spiritual sense.

Let Buddha lead you on the way to a better life with meditation, starting today!

Did you like this quote… how did you interpret it? Comment below and share your thoughts.

"Look within. Be still. Free from fear and attachment, know the sweet joy of the way." - Buddha

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