Meditation Quote 93: “Every Man And Every Woman Is A Star.” – Aleister Crowley

Meditation Quote 93

Where do all the great journeys begin?


Have a look at the quote below in this post, and see how you feel about it.

Go on, I’ll wait. Have a look at the quote and quote picture below, and come back when you’ve taken it in.

Back? Good!

While I can’t be sure what your thoughts were, let me tell you about one of the things I have learned from this beautiful quote.

Within each and every one of us (with emphasis on EVERY one of us, no discrimination), is a stillness and an awareness which exists independently of our thoughts. Thoughts does not define it.

In the same way as the sun (which is also a star) is the center of it’s own solar system, we are the center of our universe – and all experience of it either starts or ends with our own perception or awareness.

And we can access this center of ourselves through meditation. Closing our eyes, and allowing ourselves to relax.

Relax our body and our mind, and then simply observe what happens. Our mind (and all it’s many many thoughts) will become calmer, and our body will become less tense.

And in this space we can simply be and exist, at our own center of the universe.

“Every Man And Every Woman Is A Star.”
– Aleister Crowley

"Every Man And Every Woman Is A Star" - Aleister Crowley

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