A Mindful Vacation – Part 1

I am going on summer vacation today, and I have to be honest about something. I need to spill the beans, and come clean! Are you ready…?

The truth is.. I have not always the best at enjoying my vacations.

You know, let work, chores, stress and distractions behind  – and just enjoy the time off, trying to be more present in the moment, and just relax.

In part 1 of this article series I want to first talk a bit about the planning that I am going through for this vacation to be as relaxing as possible.

Then, in about a weeks time I’ll post part 2, telling you all about how the vacation went.

Planning The Vacation

To make this vacation a joyful, relaxing and mindful vacation – I do some careful planning to make it sure it will be as intended.

1. I make sure everyone on the family had time off (obviously). From my girlfriend having time off work, and notifying the kindergarten and daycare of my two daughters – to me freeing up my schedule to be able to have some proper holidays

2. Complete all the things on my to-do list before the vacation starts. No half-attempts, or something left to linger until vacation is over. If not everything is completed before I leave, I always have some excuse to find an internet café, call someone, or worry myself sick

3. Pack ahead of time. I pack ahead of time to make sure the vacation starts off with a calm bang (in a relaxed way). Last minute packing,and running around like a headless chicken, never makes for a relaxed start

4. Commit to a work-and-distraction-free vacation. No laptop, internet, smartphones or teleconferences. Being able and allowed to leave all those things behind makes for the best of vacations

5. Make an effort to give the kids full attention. Not only will this make them more happy and easier to handle, but it will also give me a sense of accomplishment and boost of love

I am sure there are some things I have forgotten, but you get the idea. I am already half-ways to a relaxed and mindful vacation, just by planning ahead.

What About The Mindfulness?

You might have noticed that I did not talk much about mindfulness yet, and for a reason.

I plan to be mindful over the next week, and spend as much time as I can just sitting in silence – either with eyes closed or watching the surroundings. I will of course not do this when I should be playing on the beach with my kids, but when the situation permits.

Playing with the kids on the beach also makes for great opportunities to just be, and enjoy the moment with them. And anchored in moments of embraced silence, I am much better equipped to do so.

I will report back in a week and let you know how the vacation, and the mindfulness, went.

Even though I intend to me relaxed, mindful and enjoy it all — I am sure I will have moments of stress and worry. We all need something to work on, eh?

Are you good at enjoying your vacations? Please share in a comment below!


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