Mindfulness In The Workplace

Mindfulness In The Workplace

Don’t you just feel blooming with inner peace at your workplace?

Probably not (and if you do, please let me know where you work!)…

While that would be great, the truth is that most of us struggle with the opposite: a stress filled workday.

And then there is the mobile lifestyle with constant notifications and demands for our attention. No wonder so many people suffer from depression, obesity, high blood pressure, and other illnesses.

But here’s the good news: Over the recent years the antidote to (at least some of) this workplace stress and our hectic lifestyle, has been brought to our attention, popularized, and become mainstream.

That antidote? Mindfulness.

Which leads me to this great talk by which was given at Google London just last month.

It’s titled “Mindful Work”, and was held by David Gelles who shared some of the keys of his recent book that includes insights from high-level managers at Fortune 500 companies through to workers in the Silicon Valley, and wisdom teachers like Jon Kabat-Zinn.

He starts by giving us a great introduction to mindfulness in the workplace, with examples from all sorts of workplaces and companies, all adopting mindfulness to create a better, more fulfilling and productive work environment.

And he doesn’t just talk. He also incorporates a couple of guided meditation sessions, and teaches us several meditation techniques along the way.

I highly recommend you listen to the whole talk. I’m sure you’ll learn something new and exciting!

Please comment below with your biggest takeaway from David’s talk.

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